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What To Expect Working With REMA Global

Done-For-You Marketing Systems

Here at REMA Global, we help you create an automated marketing system integrated with a custom designed all-in-one crm that helps produce more potential business for it's users.

Our sales and marketing tool provides realtors with everything they need. By owning the system outright, realtors can save money over time without having to pay expensive monthly service fees or retainers to other marketing agencies or zillow for leads.

We take care of the targeting, ad setup, optimization, system integration & crm campaigns, automated workflows, and so much more. You get to focus on what you do best while our system takes care of the rest for you.

We Help Real Estate Agents Escape the Rat Race by Adding An Additional $200k in GCI Within 12 Months or Less...

Now, You Might Be Wondering If This Is For You...

This is for any real estate sales professional is full time and actively looking to grow their business.

If these fit your current situation, you are definitely a fit...

  • You're an agent unhappy with your transaction volume annually who wants to build a consistent business, double your net income and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

  • Your income is a rollercoaster with no predictability.

  • You’re hungry to earn a high income, accumulate capital or pay off debt. You want to work with A-players only.

  • You’re ambitious and motivated to provide for yourself, your family or your significant other. You want to get away from the broker or team lead that doesn’t care about you.

  • You want to build long-term wealth, potentially become an avid real estate investor. You’re not looking for a get rich quick scheme, but a path that will earn you $10k-$30k per month if you work extremely hard.

  • You want to learn from people who have not only implemented their own system and constantly update it with the latest market insights....but also built a successful track record of coaching other agents,
    this is for you.

If you're sick and tired of paying expensive monthly fees to lead generation firms, and zillow, and want to own a hyper profitable client acquisition system that runs on autopilot...and you own it for life...this is definitely for you.

The REMA Global Digital Agent Accelerator™ methodology helps you launch & scale your very own lead generation system. Leap over all the income-wasting mistakes that others have had to experience. It will save you years of banging your head against the wall trying to figure it all out. Our goal is simple and based off of a famous quote:

"If you can give a man fish, he'll eat one day. If you can teach a man to fish, he'll eat for a lifetime."

Many Real Estate Professional Go Wrong By Not

Understanding The ENTIRE Picture...

"I just need high quality leads"

Baloney. This is far too common within sales across several industries. After having been in sales for my whole career, we call these folks "order takers". You do NOT want to become an order taker if you want to succeed. Order takers work best at McDonald's.

The truth is that you are probably struggling with lead generation & will continue to do so until you understand ONE THING: client acquisition is based around attracting leads & not chasing them. Most agents will just chase leads because they either buy them online from companies (who are a dime a dozen) or rely upon old school methods.

You need to understand the end to end sales process & have your client acquisition system based around principles of attraction.

If You're Looking For The Ultimate Shortcut To A Predictable Real Estate Business...

REMA Global Digital Accelerator Program

Is Your Answer...Why?

At REMA Global, we understand that the real estate market can be challenging and competitive. While many may complain about the current state of the market, we believe that only the strong and prepared will thrive. That's why we provide all the necessary tools and resources to help you succeed.

Our Digital Agent Accelerator Program is designed to be the perfect pathway to success. We have implemented the same concepts that have driven companies to achieve massive success. By leveraging our expertise and experience, we assist our clients in accelerating their own real estate businesses.

Our program is built on the foundation of proven strategies that have attracted over 200+ clients in less than 2 years. We have taken concepts like video sales letters, organic marketing, and paid advertising, and incorporated them into our accelerator program. Every agent who works with us will know exactly how we generate clients. We trace their journey from lead acquisition to successful conversion, utilizing techniques like re-marketing, video sales letters, appointment booking, follow-ups by our inside sales team, buyer presentations, and final onboarding.

Unlike lead generation companies that offer fragmented solutions, our system encompasses every step of the leads' journey. We have personally used this system ourselves, generating over 40 appointments in just 30 days within our own market.

In the real estate market, there is a vast potential for financial success. By mastering key strategies for establishing yourself as an expert online, you can attract eager clients who want to work with you. It's all about taking action and doing what others are not willing to do. At REMA Global, we provide the roadmap and support for you to stand out and thrive in today's competitive real estate industry.

There are HUGE opportunities to close 3-5 deals or more per month utilizing our 100% Done-For-You Paid & Organic Lead Generation Strategies.

But here's the thing...

It's really easy to screw it all up if you don't know what you're doing! There are no Real Estate Courses or Accreditation Programs That Teach This Stuff.

If you do find one, it was probably created by someone who hasn't actually used principles like a Video Sales Letter to scale. We practice what we preach & use Video Sales Letters Within our own company as well.

You can get your hands on this invaluable Accelerator Program.

We'll show you how to:

Craft Or Rework Your Market & Niche, Messaging & Positioning To Allow You To Become A Local Expert. Use Concepts Like A Video Sales Letter To "Pre Sell" Your Clients Before They Ever Speak To You.

Generate Buyer & Seller Leads Using Organic Marketing & Paid Advertising. Build A Farm Of Dream Clients That You Constantly Market To Using Irresistible Offers That Get Prospects Coming To You.

Install Predictable Sales Framework To Close Leads Into Appointments. Ensure Each Lead Is Warmed Up Before Your Buyer Consultation Or Listing Appointment.

Program Deliverables

Embrace the age-old wisdom of "Giving is more rewarding than receiving."

*This program is designed for experienced LO's who already possess a solid understanding of their profession, but are seeking a steady stream of leads on autopilot, without the need to tirelessly pursue or plead for them.

Here are some of the things you can provide to realtor partners to help them succeed...

Building The Foundation

What “ingredients” you need to build your business to support the strongest possible sales pitch, to assure scalability, to provide greatest possible profitability. We will help you invent your messaging and move it to new extremes. Building Out Systems & Processes Finding & Hiring A-Players Support Infrastructure Access To Our Sales Framework & Infrastructure Lead Nurture Mechanisms Paid Advertising & Traffic Organic Marketing & Lead Generation

Building Out Systems & Processes

Engineer a system that brings you all the clients you want and also have the ability to own it outright. Our goal is for our clients to come work with us & install a system within their business which enables them to own all intellectual property. We understand that the top & hyper profitable businesses run all their marketing in-house & we want our clients to adopt the same thinking.

Finding & Hiring A-Players

What work you should secretly farm out - reducing your work load, permitting you more time off, and making you more money. We give you resources on how to hire and train remote talent for $6-7/ hour.

Support Infrastructure

Get access to other agents all across North America on a similar journey. Leverage our coaching team to assist you with technical support, strategy & consulting.

Access To Our Sales Framework & Infrastructure

You'll discover a much easier path that'll allow you to book appointments with your leads and also warm them up for a consultation using proven strategies like video sales letters. Get access to call recordings of live dialing leads, scripts and templates that we use in house and have validated. Listen to our team calling leads from the campaigns we teach.

Lead Nurture Mechanisms

Unlike old school strategies, we teach concepts like building your very own value-driven course explaining the home buying or selling process in depth to nurture leads without aggression using our proven framework. We also provide you with a done for you template as well. You will also get access to a CRM provided to you at no cost that will nurture your leads for years to come.

Paid Advertising & Traffic

We setup & run Direct Response Marketing Campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Google using our proven templates and workflows. Drive leads to proven nurture campaigns & build retargeting pool to constantly re-market to your leads. If you keep on seeing our ads for our company, chances are you were in our retargeting pool. We show you how to do the same.

Organic Marketing & Lead Generation

Build your hyper profitable, dependable & scalable organic marketing system. This is a supplement to paid advertising campaigns and can double the number of leads you bring in. We teach you Facebook organic, LinkedIn lead generation, Tiktok strategies, YouTube channel growth and more through our active coaching and consulting modules. All concepts are used by our own founders who have amassed followings of thousands of people online. Learn how to manage your google my business like a professional marketer to attract and convert leads at scale.

How It Works - Our 10 Step Process

  • Step 1: Market Analysis

    - Watch introduction videos and log in to the training portal/CRM

- Create target market

  • Step 2: Create Video Sales Letter

- Craft a stellar sales video to attract clients and establish authority (we have a white label version for you to use in the meantime until you get yours recorded)

  • Step 3: Setup & Run Paid Direct Response Marketing Campaigns

- Use Facebook, Instagram, and Google to generate new leads

- Set a monthly ad budget

  • Step 4: Supplement to Paid Ads: Organic Lead Gen

- Setup free organic lead generation systems

  • Step 5: Build Content Portal

- Provide potential buyer leads with a value-driven "Home Buyers Academy" course to educate your leads and increase conversion rates (we already created it for you)

  • Step 6: Supplement 2: Google Local Services Ads

- Set up Google Local Services Ads to rank higher in searches

- Receive guaranteed buyer or seller leads

  • Step 7: Supplement 3: Local SEO Optimization

- Optimize Google My Business for increased visibility and organic traffic

  • Step 8: Sales & Lead Conversion

- Watch module on sales skills and lead conversion strategies

- Learn proven scripts and techniques from top producing agents

  • Step 9: Close Deal

- Close at least one deal within 90-120 days to validate marketing and sales funnel

  • Step 10: Scale

- Monitor metrics and increase advertising spend for consistent closing rates

- Consider recruiting and building a team to further expand the business and provide them leads on autopilot

Note: The program includes detailed course explanations, scripts, templates, and processes for each step.

Our Pricing

Simplified. All-Inclusive. Best Value Guarenteed.

One-Time Setup Fee of $6,000 $2,400...That's 60% OFF!!

& You Get Leads On Autopilot For Life!

Although the current market is a little more challenging due to higher interest rates, it also presents a great opportunity to benefit and thrive.

We understand the challenges real estate professionals are facing and that's why we're offering an additional 60% discount on our unmatched lead generatiuon program, which is already the highest value and lowest price in the industry. In fact, unlike zillow leads or most marketing and lead generation companies that charge expensive monthly marketing fees, we offer a 100% done-for-you lead generation on autopilot and lifetime access at a fraction of their cost!

Try Before You Buy - Get A FREE 10 Day Trial Today!

- After the free trial, you pay $1200 upfront, and another $1200 after 30 days.

- Once paid, the services are yours for life!

- Our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and all the followup & nurture campaigns is free for the first 6 months, then costs $97 per month, per user.

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.

The second best time is now."

Agents are Talking

William came in frustrated. After working with us, He went on to close 1 double-ended deal within 90 days.

William N.

William Nojavan, Homelife/Cimerman Real Estate Ltd.

Mark didn't see much success using big lead companies. Upon joining us, he transformed the brand & immediately started seeing results

Mark A.

Mark Ansah, Royal LePage Signature Realty, Brokerage.

Rajani is an experienced agent. Upon joining, she picked up a buyer under contract under 30days.

Rajani S.

Rajani Suresh, Royal Lepage Ignite Realty

Suraj didn't want unpredictable income. He reached out to us and saw exceptional results in 30 days.

Suraj K

Suraj Kumar, Nationwide Realty


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